Little things matter

Today, I’ve read a entry in Quora that actually Made Me Thing (MMT). It was a survey “What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done to you?” and there was a man writing that some woman had helped him back when he was travelling in Swizertland and making his way to his home in Rome. The woman had spent over 2 hours to sit with him, hopping trains in order to make sure he made it way home safe. He had been moved by the action and really appreciated the woman’s action. He even stated that to him the most nicest country is Swizertland.

After reading the post, I just realized that doing a little thing with your heart really matters. You don’t need to do big things to impress people. Doing a little thing with your heart in it and specially with careness is actually the most thing that help you “win” people.

So, how about my closet person? My girlfriend? My mother? My sister? My colleagues? What litte things I can do for them to make them feel better NOW?


bookmarking + mind mapping

Recently, I’ve been using an interesting and useful free online service, GetPocket which helps me to bookmark articles, papers, webpages, etc to read it later. The service even extracts the content and displays it in elegant format. It even allows me to tag, search, add favorite, etc. In short, it’s cool.

I’ve been bookmarking a lot of good articles and links that I’m interested and plan to read them on my free time. Until today I’ve suddenly realized that I actually need a similar service as GetPocket but allows the user to chain/connect them as a MindMap.

Usually, one of my hobby is that for certain topic/keyword, I start searching materials about them. For each article I reach, I read a few first paragraphs and if I encounter a link to another one, I immediately open the link. The routine is as follow:

1 – open
2 – read a few paragraphs until encounter (interesting) links/keywords/concepts
3 – open them
4 – go to 1 repeat.
5 – if there is nothing new, I come back to the previous articles.

It looks like I’m digging up a articles tree, or rather travelling a material map. Then an idea popped up in my mind: Why not combining the two: bookmarking the articles and mind mapping.

I want every time I bookmark a link, I can tag it and link the article to a mind map with some keyword and some description for the article. Then by the time I read back the articles, I can follow the graph and regain the knowledge. The application could render the articles and its graph to follow, just as a mindmap.