Friends are like genes?

When I read the book “The Magic of Thinking BIG”, chapter 7 “Manage your environment: Go First Class”, a thought emerged into my head: friends are like genes.

When a baby was born, it is a product of genetic combinations of both the parents’. The differences between the parents’ genes will produce a brand new one. If, for example, the parents are siblings or close relatives (just for the sake of demonstration), and their children also continue to mate and give births, their children are very likely to have high risk of gene disorders. It is because doing so keeps narrowing down the gene pool or gene diversity.

I think making friends also have the same effect. If you keep making friends with the same type of people, same thoughts, same perspectives, you are narrowing down your thought pool. Making friends with different people will make you see things differently. But it’s important that you must be the one who choose which kind of thought or perspective that can add to your pool.


My girlfriend shared me an interesting video tonight. It recorded a situation happened in a hospital in which the nurse and the doctor were trying to save a new born baby. The little one seemed to stop breathing. What moved me was how persistent the nurse and the doctor were to save the baby. The nurse, an old lady, tried to warm up the baby’s body by putting on oil, then slapped him in order to make him cry. The doctor did CPR and also helped the nurse to warm him up. But the baby, despite the effort, did not move an inch. They kept doing. After round 10 minutes, the baby moved a little bit and he opened his eyes. They did it. They had successfully saved the baby, bring him back to life. What a relief!

I could image how happy the mother was when she heard the news about her baby being saved. The nurse and the doctor could have gone home, go to bed, and be proud that they did something big that night. They saved a baby, they saved a family. If it were me, I would have had a very good sleep with a smile in my face.

There were lots of things I learned through the video, but one thing made me want to write it out. At some point in the video, there had been a close look at the nurse. A kind old lady. She could have been a grandma to some kids. However, look at how agile she was in handling the situation. Every move she made was precise and with care. The new born baby looked very small and fragile, like a doll. The old nurse moved the baby very quickly, genlty carrying him up and down and then slapped him to wake him up. All of her focus at that moment was how to protect but save the baby. It looked like she had gone through this situation a lot and that was not her first time doing this.

The nurse could have been working in the hospital for decades. She didn’t become a doctor. She didn’t the move out to another hospital for a raise, I guess. She was there to serve and to save people.

I realized that it was stupid and ignorance if I compare the nurse’s job with the other higher paid jobs like CEO or Chairman. I could see that The Nurse loved what she did. She could have been saved lots of life. What she did gradually changed the world. It was how she did it that mattered the most. Every job has its own differences.

It made me question myself. How had I been doing? Had I put in enough passion in every action I made? Stop comparing your job to others.


Today, when I was riding around the city with my girlfriend as usual, I suddenly realized an important thing and then I asked her:

Kiddie, do you remember a genius who was very poor when he was a child? He had to gather fireflies to make a lamp in order to read books [1]? And another musical genius who had volunteered to serve for free in a theater in order to practice his skills? Do you think they are great because of what they had done or because they was born great so they could do such things?

Her answer was the same as my thought. They had become great persons because they could do great things.

We sometimes look at a person who is famous because he has done wonderful things for the world and admire him for what he has done. We even dub him the word “genius”. But actually what we should respect him is the way he has become the man he is now. Maybe he has to sacrifice a lot, worked harder than anybody else to achieve greatness.

We sometimes are too lazy to do that. Michelangelo said it all:

“If you knew how much work went into it, you would not call it genius.”

P.s: another the post which fit this thought very well “Great man does what lazy people don’t.”

[1] His name is Nguyễn Hiền