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Big Data and its application?

Posted at — 2014-Jun-15

I & my girlfriend was coming back to our hometown, Bien Hoa city. As usual, every time I was in motion, I always have some really deep thought.

When she & I was discussing about how we could invest money by buying gold and then selling again to make some profit, a thought came to me that we can develop a algorithm that can analyze the up & down of gold market and predict when should buy and when we should sell gold to make the best profit. And this can apply to every thing, for example, real estate, clothing, stock, etc. Or we can gather data from Google Map and then apply principle of Feng Shui to detect and suggest which land we can invest and make profit.

The problem is, how can I develop such system when I don’t have any knowledge and experience in Data Analysis and Big Data algorithm. I think I need to consult with someone else about this.