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Posted at — 2020-Feb-15

So this year, 2020, I decided to retire the domain “”. I hardly used it through the years and I didn’t write a lot on the blog.

But it was not the end. I bought the domain from GoDaddy and map it with my blog. An investment in building my brand.

The domain costs me $19 for 2 years. I also had to subscribe to Wordpress Personal plan at the cost of $48/year.

The first reason I bought was because I like the word “grok”. The second reason was “grokinghard” and “genzerhawker” (my pseudonym) share the same initials g.h.

The blog is also merged with because i’m too lazy to maintain two blogs. Besides, I also write everything in the same place anyway.

I hope this investment will get me more into writing habits. And to continue to build a habit of journaling.